The Many Advantages of Microsoft Office

Do you know what Microsoft Office is?

The software sometimes referred to as simply Office is a conglomeration of software programs that Microsoft has developed. In the 80s when this was announced in southern Nevada, by its creator Bill Gates, it became a sensation. It has many core programs that you can use including:
As you look at the many different applications that are available, you may realize that may not need them all, yet they are all part of this collection of software that is available for students, individuals, and businesses. Even small businesses can benefit from these programs, along with large corporations. If you are part of a scholastic program, you can also use these systems. In fact, each suite is priced accordingly based upon what is included.

Specific services are made for unique purposes, allowing the user of the application to perform different tasks. If you want to create spreadsheets, Excel is very good, along with Microsoft Word which will help you create documents and PowerPoint for presentations that you can send using Outlook. Microsoft provides you with access to all of the benefits and features that come with this software package. If you would like to know about Microsoft managed services then see here.

Is there a difference between Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is designed to work via the cloud and can increase business productivity very easily. All of the programs that were mentioned before including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and also Outlook, will be accessible.

This bundle of software that comes with Microsoft 365 will also include Microsoft Office in the 365 packages. Enterprise Mobility, machine learning, and the Windows 10 Enterprise package are very popular.

Reasons to learn more about Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office can help you with presentations, sharing information, and this is what companies around the world are doing every day. It can help you increase productivity levels at your company, especially those that are familiar with computer-based software such as Office provides. From offices to homes, and even schools, this software can help with presenting data, organizing it, and you can use this if you have access to a web browser or any type of computer.

Microsoft Office does offer specific types of training that can either be for beginners or those that advanced levels, they simply want to have a better understanding of how to use these software programs. If you do have a basic understanding of how things work, you can also advance by obtaining an upgrade that will give you even more features. You can then become more well-versed using the advanced and intermediate lessons, specifically on how to use each and every program. Office 365 will be discussed toward the end of this article in more depth.

Top reasons that individuals and businesses should use Office

  1. 90% of all companies around the world use Microsoft Office
    With over a billion people using these programs, along with the multitude of businesses, Microsoft Office is certainly an important part of how we process information. 20% of the population that does use one or more of these programs are representative of how important these programs are in our world today. Studies have shown that with at least 100 users, there has been an increase to over 90% of businesses that use it, and 300% more usage with businesses in other areas.
  2. Employment
    If you have been assessing the current job market around the world, you are probably aware that Microsoft Office is used by these businesses.

To use databases, Excel sheets, and even the documentation files that can be accessed using Word – all of this is possible if you want to complete daily tasks. You will have an in-depth knowledge of MS office if you go through certain training, allowing you to become more proficient in producing documents with Word, or even better presentations, plus you can make your mark in the world using software like Access or Excel. This will allow you to be far ahead of all of the competition, and you also boost more confidence in yourself as you learn the systems.

  1. Cloud Service Options
    Microsoft is certainly aware that the cloud is the future of how we will use these systems. Office 365 is an outstanding suite of software programs. The cloud-based aspect of Office 365 is very modern: this is because the software is accessible online when you have access to Office 365 services.