A Closer at Social Media Marketing

Social media is something that 90% of people know what it’s all about, at least on the surface. Basically, it’s a term describing sites and apps that facilitate both the creation and sharing of content by the users. The content is usually in the form of photos, text, videos, gifts, etc. It is distributed in real-time, either in public or in private communities of families, friends, or people sharing the same interests.

When it comes to modern social networking websites, as we know them today, Friendster started it all. This website launched in 2002 and allowed people to discover and connect with their friends online. It accrued over 100 million users. However, the concept of social media was nothing new and occurred as early as the late 70s. This is when bulletin board systems or BBS allowed people to log on and connect through PCs.

Social Media and Brands

During its infant stages, social media was a place for communication- mostly by keeping in touch and reuniting with old friends, meeting new people, joining online communities, and updating loved ones on life events. This initial form made the social media aspect was individualistic, meaning users had to create their profiles with personal information including their locations, likes, dislikes, lives, etc.

As with everything else that gains popularity, the purpose of social media started to warp and change. Companies began to pay close attention to social media as well as its possibility to change the marketing domain. By dipping their toes in social media, companies made profiles that potential customers could friend or follow with the hope of creating deeper and more meaningful relationships. Back in 2008, MySpace surveyed its users and quickly realized that almost 15% of the respondents believed brands were more creative and friendly on social media platforms.

One of the early businesses on social media adopters of social media was McDonald’s and their 2008 ”Big Mac Chant” shows why. This was a campaign that celebrated the company’s 40th anniversary of the popular product by asking consumers to remix the popular jingle used in the advertising of Big Mac. This competition had over a million page views in just 3 weeks which was unheard of at that time.

Data continued to pour in and in no time, social media website creators such as Zuckerberg did not take long to realize that this had the potential to make them loads of money. In 2006, FB made its first dip into digital advertising by landing a partnership with JP Morgan. The deal included banner display ads showed to FB users.

Soon after the success of this partnership, Microsoft bought 1.6% shares of FB for $240 million under the condition that they became the only providers of sponsored links as well as banner ads. The next year, Facebook Ads was launched, and social media marketing, as prevalent as it is today took hold. If you are a business based in Surrey and are looking for a digital marketing agency to help you with your social media marketing then see ‘digital marketing Surrey‘.

So, What is Social Media Marketing?

As the term suggests, social media marketing entails the use of social media platforms to find and engage with the audience, drive revenue and build your brand. In order to be successful in social media marketing, you need to make genuine and relevant content that’s tailored to the needs of both your current and potential customers, track your content’s engagement rates, and use this data to improve your campaign strategies.

Back in the day, companies used social media marketing to drive people to their sites in the hope of selling their products or services. Nowadays, social media is used as an extension of a company’s site, creating content designed for its audience to increase the chances of user engagement.