All About Network Racks

What Is A Network Rack?

Network racks are designed to protect various computer and server hardware devices. It consists of a metal frame chassis to stack, organize, and secure a computer network system. In fact, the term “network” actually refers to the rack that houses the hardware devices.

Setting Up A Network Rack

Some racks are designed to hold servers while others hold computer systems. Some of these racks are designed to suit specific device types. The rack holds the devices with brackets, bolts, and other metal pieces to protect the equipment. Some racks let you mount the equipment with certain types of shelves and rails including switch shelves and switch rails. See here for data centre ups management.

Network Rack Equipment

Network racks house different types of equipment. In fact, network equipment is a term used to describe various kinds of technology. Some of the most popular network rack devices include the Adjustable Switch Shelf – 108-6899 – Switch Installed.


Switches are high-speed, multi-port devices designed to receive data and redirect the data to the proper destination on a LAN or local area network. A switch is used to send information across a single network.


Routers are also similar to switches in receiving and forwarding data. The only difference is the router can carry data over multiple networks whereas a switch can carry data over a single network. In fact, different networks can access the internet using a single router.


A modem is used to connect the source of your internet to the router. It is done with the use of an ethernet cord.

Network Racks VS 2 Post Relay Racks

An open-frame 2-post relay rack is an easy to use, low-cost piece of equipment used for mounting racks. In fact, a 2 post rack can be also used as a network rack if used for mounting network devices. The 2 post rack has two thin centralised parallel posts that extend from a balanced and larger base (19 or 23 inches apart).

How To Install Network Equipment In A 2 Post Rack?

The frame of the 2 post rack is lightweight and easy to move compared to traditional network racks. Hence, they are easy to set up and operate by securing the network equipment into the rack with a brace on network hardware. The brace is bolted to the posts such as the Telco Relay 2 Post Rack – 24U Relay Racks.

The 2 post relay rack allows you to stack different network devices on top of each other once installed. It helps you to take advantage of the vertical space and save floor space to store your gear. These racks are quite sturdy and could be easily secured into the floor. That way your network devices are safe since it is difficult to knock over any installed equipment. On the other hand, the open nature of the 2 post rack minimizes airflow obstruction. It helps manage the cables easily.

You should centre-mount the devices on the rack to safeguard them in case you are using a 2 post rack to mount the equipment. It helps centralise the weight distribution and reduce pressure on the rack itself. Flush mounting will work well with low-profile and lighter equipment.