Choosing Window Treatments For Your Home

When you plan to invest in new window treatments for your home, you should consider the functionality, aesthetics, and durability of the products. Most window coverings have a maximum lifespan between 5-10 years. But many homeowners want to hang on to their curtains and blinds for much longer. Even though it may help save money on your part, there are many situations that warrant the timely replacement of window treatments in your home. This article highlights a few reasons why you may need to replace your curtains and blinds sooner than you thought necessary.

Damaged Components

There are many components that guarantee the functionality of curtains and blinds. If any of these moving parts are damaged or worn out, you may have to invest in new blinds or curtains. For example, the side chain or sidewinder of your roller blinds might be too old to raise or lower the shade properly. If so, replacement should be the likely option. On the other hand, if the slats on the Venetian blinds become warped or the cords become frayed, ordering new blinds online is the best solution to your window problems.

Compromised Safety

Blinds are great additions to any space, and they will add an element of style to your space that looks great for many years to come. Proper care is crucial to prolonging the lifespan of blinds. Most homeowners choose blinds when they first move into a home. Blinds or curtains that were purchased years ago may not be the safest today – especially if you have kids in the house. The current window treatments may have exposed cords or hang down too low for small children to grab them. It could pose a strangulation hazard for your child. Choosing the latest window treatments of suitable length is a great way to resolve this problem.

Out Of Style

Window treatment styles change throughout the year similar to any other design element in a house. If you purchased your window treatments a decade ago, it is best to replace those old shades with the latest ones in the market. Aluminium blinds and heavy brocade curtains can instantly date a room. On the other hand, discoloured window treatments can leave your room looking unkempt and dirty. Replacing your outdated curtains with updated ones is the best way to give your room the facelift it needs. If you are in the Surrey area and are looking for curtains then see ‘curtains Surrey‘.

They Don’t Suit Your Needs

Window treatments serve many important purposes aside from improving the aesthetics of your home. They provide privacy and regulate the ambient temperature of the room that they are installed in. Window treatments also help prevent the fading of your flooring and furniture due to excess sunlight. If your window treatments are damaged, they can’t perform these important actions like they did when they were brand new. In fact, when window treatments stop meeting your needs, you need to replace them with coverings that help do so. These are some of the most important factors to consider when replacing your window treatments.