How to choose rental laptops for remote and field working

The pre-COVID Monday to Friday office working model is a thing of the past for many. We have seen a shift away from desktop to laptop computers to facilitate remote and field working.

However, with hundreds of models of laptops to choose from, and staff needing them, for different jobs, even before deciding to rent or buy one, how can you know you are making the right choice of model?

Essential requirements of a laptop for out-of-office working.

  • Laptop Performance. Run the essential software programmes efficiently.
  • Battery Life. Key for field work where access to power is limited.
  • Connectivity. Remote working but remaining in touch.

What tasks will the rental laptop be expected to perform?

  • Marketing, graphics and video work. High processing power needed, lots of RAM, and possible dedicated graphics card.
  • Big data. RAM for data processing and calculations
  • Everyday use (Microsoft Office Suite). Standard laptop specification

A good laptop rental/hire company should have pre-sales consultants on hands to guide you on the type of laptop(s) you will need.

Connectivity is king.

A good connection is critical for remote working, so renting a laptop with enhanced connectivity features is important. Most people will already understand Wi-Fi connectivity from their domestic IT arrangements. Bluetooth comes into its own where space is limited, and flexibility is key. In remote settings where the laptop and peripherals can communicate without the need for a wired physical connection. Mobile connectivity is key (4G/5G), when Wi-Fi is less reliable to ensure no interruption. Just think of your last long train journey!

The benefits of laptop rental over purchasing

  • Reduced upfront costs thus aiding cash flow.
  • Better suited to uncertain demands of project-based work
  • Rental is a more attractive option if higher-end specification laptops are needed.
  • Support services are provided by the rental company.
  • Flexibility to swap out or upgrade laptops is greater without the need for further investment.

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