Key Advantages of Installing a Porch

A stroll at any village, suburb, town or residential area will quickly reveal that most houses have porches. A porch is a feature that’s quite common across the United Kingdom and the many benefits it has to offer shows why. There are numerous benefits to adding a porch to your house and in this article, we are going to take a closer look at some of them.

Key Advantages of Installing a Porch:


One of the primary benefits of installing a porch is the additional layer of security it provides your residence, especially with the enclosed type. A porch will instantly double the security of your home’s front entrance as it will take two doorways to get indoors. For even more security, you can fit these doors with uPVC doors and solid locking systems. In porches with glazing windows, you’ll have the advantage of seeing who’s at the front door before unlocking it.

Additional Space

Even though this feature doesn’t cover a vast area, it still adds valuable storage space. You can use this space to put muddy boots, bulky coats, outdoor kids toys or basically anything you don’t have room for indoors. If your front door leads straight to the kitchen or lounge area, a porch will provide an ideal space between the living area and the outdoors.

Natural Light

Most porches are designed with a vast amount of double glazing that paves way for ample natural light in addition to branching the gap between the indoors and outdoors. With a glazed front door, you will be able to enjoy well-lit front rooms during the day.


Porches are mostly practical, but most people also choose to install them due to their aesthetic appeal. Basically, porches can easily enhance the kerb appeal of any residence and when well-constructed, they create an appealing and welcoming entrance rather than just a plain front door. Porches are architectural features in their own right that complement any type of home.

Energy Efficiency

A well-built porch can also improve your home’s energy efficiency by preventing heat loss through the front door. If you live in a residence that’s prone to draughts, a large family, or an older front door, a porch can help prevent the loss of heat. This can have a substantial reduction on your heating bills. When you enter through the porch, close the door behind you and even if you keep the internal front door open, a lot of heat will still be conserved. The same applies when it comes to cooling the interior. If you are looking for solidor doors then see ‘solidor designer’.

Should You Install a Front Porch?

As earlier mentioned, a front porch is one of the easiest features to add to a home. As long as it is within a reasonable size limit, it will be a relatively small installation project that will not call for any additional permits or regulations. If you go for a small porch that is not enclosed, you likely won’t experience any permit issues.

The primary factor that can make the process of building a front porch difficult is if you reside in a designated area or in a listed building.