Network Racks: What They Are And How They Compare With 2 Post Racks

What are Network Racks?

Network racks are referred to by many different names. They are metal frame chassis that protect, secure, organize, stack, and hold various server hardware and computer network devices. The network is a term that describes this kind of hardware being housed by the racks.

How to Get Network Racks Set Up

There are some network racks that hold computer systems, while others hold servers. There are also network racks that are designed for use with specific types of devices. The racks work by the technology being secured with bolts, brackets, and other types of hardware so the equipment is kept in place. The equipment can also be mounted using certain kinds of shelves and rails, like switch shelves and switch rails.

Network Rack Equipment

Many different kinds of equipment can be housed by these racks. Network equipment is simply an umbrella term that includes different types of technology. The following are some of the devices:

Adjustable Switch Shelf

Switches – High-speed, multi-port devices that receive and then redirect data to the proper destination on a LAN (local area network). When a switch is used information is only able to go across one network.

Routers –These devices are similar to switches. They receive information and forward it, but data can be carried across multiple networks. That is why different networks or devices are able to access the internet through the use of just one router.

Modems – This device connects your internet source with your routers. An ethernet cord is typically used to do this.

2 Post Relay Rack versus Network Rack

2 post open frame relay racks can be an easy-to-use, low-cost way to get started with network rack mounting equipment. Therefore, 2 post racks can be used as network racks to mount this kind of equipment. 2 post racks have two centralized, thinner parallel posts that extend from a balanced, bigger base that is either 23 or 19 inches apart.

How to Install Network Equipment with a 2 Post Rack

It is easy to get a 2 post rack set up and get started due to the easy-to-move and light frame in contrast to racks that are more robust. Network equipment is secured into a rack by installing network hardware or a brace and then bolting the brace onto the posts.

2 Post Rack – 24U Relay Racks

After the two-post rack is installed it allows several network devices to be stacked on top of one another to take full advantage of the vertical space so that amount of floor space needed for storing gear is reduced. These are very sturdy racks and you can secure them to the floor, which makes it very hard for any installed equipment to be knocked over. The open nature of these racks also minimises the obstruction of airflow so that managing your cables is easier.

If 2 post relay racks are being used to mount network hardware, your devices should be centre mounted on the rack to provide the most secure, safest hold. What mounting refers to is the hardware bracket’s centre being attached to the parallel posts located on both sides. When the centre mounting position is used on a 2 post server rack, the weight distribution is centralized. This reduces the amount of pressure on the actual rack and helps to improve balance as well. Flush mounting will only work well with low-profile, lighter technology.