Seven Things to Consider When Booking the Perfect Meeting Venue

The venue of an event can make or break it. different functions need different requirements, and it isn’t always that simple to know what to look for on the site. International conference centres are good when it is a large-scale event, but what if you are looking for a venue for something small like a company meeting? Or you could be looking for something a bit more relaxed if that’s the case then see Christmas venue near London.

Below are seven things you need to consider when looking for the perfect meeting venue:


You need to first have a budget in mind because you will know which options you can afford. How much are you planning to spend? You are going to narrow down your options then choose a location from the remaining ones. Do research in advance so you have a sense of the rates for certain areas or sites. The goal is to look for a space that offers value for money. A good venue is one that has few to no hidden costs. They give you the prices up-front so you don’t get surprised when you get the invoice. You should also be allowed a pre-booking site visit.


It is a good idea to focus on venues that are available in advance but can also offer last minute booking. They are going to respond to your query fast and you also have the option of cancelling your booking at short notice. Plan ahead because certain days of the week or months of the year are busier than others.


It is important to look for a venue close to public transport. People attending the event are going to have an easier time coming to and from the event. An ideal place shouldn’t be more than 10-15 minutes from the nearest station by foot or bus. Venues usually offer on-site parking, but this doesn’t have to be a deciding factor.


There has been an increase in working professionals who are millennials, and they are looking for individuality in the spaces they occupy. Things like unconventional games and activities or creatively designed rooms. You can add some spice to your event by choosing a venue that makes a statement through an art installation or a grand staircase. You might also want to offer Instagram-worthy foods at the event, depending on the catering available. This will make for great photography.


Most corporate events will need the same type of audio-visual facilities including flip charts, projectors, and interactive whiteboards. A good venue will provide these facilities with free and unlimited Wi-Fi. Smartboards are good for your event because when you host a panel discussion or seminar, the guest can download information to their phones.


A customizable space is ideal when choosing a venue. You can move the chairs and tables around and tailor everything to your liking. They should provide the option of hard or soft seating, and also different sized rooms for large and small groups. A good venue is going to provide you with a variety of foods to meet the needs of everyone.


If the event is going in for a couple of days and the attendants are coming from all over, then it might be a good idea to look for accommodation for them. The best option is a venue that has accommodation on-site. Serviced apartments are also good because they sometimes have business lounges and meetings rooms as part of their offering. There are many accommodation options close to conference centres. Research so that the attendees have an easier time with accommodation.