The Pros And Cons Of Purchasing Properties To Renovate


Getting a good home for a reasonable price that is also the home of your dreams

Locating property in today’s market can be difficult, but if you are only looking for rundown properties very good locations, you might be able to do this. Renovation of any property can be costly, and although the condition of the neighborhood street where the property is cannot be changed, you can always maximize the value of the home you purchase. Once you have assessed its current condition, which is going to sometimes cause people to ignore these homes, you should see that it is reflective of what its actual value is at this point in time. As a renovator, you know that there is nothing on the street that can change, but by transforming that house, you can rebuild it to your specifications.

If you’re going to attempt making a profit on this type of endeavour, you will likely want to make the purchase, but you need to get it for the right price. If you are lucky enough to see something that others have not yet spotted, you are not going to pay very much for that home at all. There is the possibility that you could be purchasing a larger property, and if you do, always remember that the profit margin could be very narrow, so be very specific about only spending a certain amount on these homes.

A reputable renovation specialist such as NTT Ltd can help with any work that you can’t or don’t wish to carry out yourself.

You can add value to these homes

These types of investments are almost always going to give you some kind of profit. When you are investing in them, and doing the renovations, you may want to focus on areas such as the basement, bathrooms, and the kitchens if possible. By doing so, you have the greatest chance of increasing the value of the home with a minimal expense. For example, you could renovate the kitchen, or put in a laughed extension, complete with a bedroom and bathroom that will certainly increase the value of the home dramatically even if you are in a neighborhood where other renovations have not yet occurred.

Try out some smaller projects first

When you embark upon any renovation project, consider how much you are going to spend and how much profit you hope to make. Most people that look for these properties are going to struggle, but once you find one, you will want to do your best during the renovation. Small defects on the property are easy to fix, especially at a very low cost. There are certain defects that may cause people to avoid these properties, but you can easily fix them if you are a do-it-yourself expert if the problems that you find fall under any of the following categories:

  • Door latches that don’t work
  • Squeaking doors and windows
  • Peeling paint
  • Loose tiles
  • Dripping taps
  • Sewer smells
  • Cracks in the floor and ceilings
  • Other simple plumbing issues
  • Broken windows


It is possible that your patience could become very thin and you may go over budget, but there are ways to avoid these potential problems and outcomes if you are diligent in how much you are spending.

As you assess the value that you can add to the home, through your renovation project, try to never overspend and stick with the budget. Just because you will be spending a substantial amount of money on this property, you need to be a realistic investor and stay informed on how much profit you could actually make. Arguably, if you stick with a budget that you have set, and you know the value of the home once it is renovated, you will be making a wise investment.