Why Your Business Should Hire Individuals With Disabilities

Reliable Individuals

Many employers are sceptical of hiring individuals with disabilities as they fear they will typically miss more work. However, studies have shown that this is the exact opposite.

One study found that individuals with disabilities tend to take 40% less time off than other workers.

In addition, employees with disabilities tend to stay with a company for a much longer term. In fact, a study of a call centre found that their employees with disabilities typically stayed with the company for a little over four years. Whereas employees without disabilities stuck with the company for just over 3 years.

For those people who believe that individuals are more prone to injuries, once again that is incorrect. Typically, people with disabilities tend to have fewer accidents and injuries at work.

For the employer, this means that they will have a much more stable workforce. Additionally, it requires less money and time in training new employees. It is probably a good idea to mention that when employing a disabled person you will have to have the right training put in place for their arrival. If you are unsure of what that may consist of I would recommend you see ‘disability training for employers‘.

They See Things From A Unique Perspective

Despite many of the common misconceptions, individuals with disabilities are able to perform jobs with the right amount of skill.

Many employers have found over the years that individuals with disabilities tend to be some of the most productive workers they have and usually bring unique skills to the workplace. In some cases, it may be a unique perspective or insight or just a new set of life experiences.

However, this should not be a big surprise, should it? In many cases, these individuals are highly skilled at adapting to new situations.

When a company is able to hire individuals from all walks of life, they tend to have employees able to solve problems and be innovative thinkers.

Powerful Insight Into Your Customer Base

One in five Australians live with some form of disability and this includes your customers.

Considering this fact, companies are missing a vital sense of feedback by not employing these individuals

It is impossible to understand the needs and desires of these individuals if you do not have them working for you.

They Make Your Company Likeable

People tend to enjoy working with businesses that are inclusive, this includes employees and customers.

A recent study stated that 87% of individuals said they preferred giving their business to a company that hired individuals with disabilities.

In addition, many job hunters seek out employers that offer employment to a wide variety of individuals and do not discriminate on any basis.

Their Work Ethic Tends To Rub Off On Other Employees

As we have already stated, individuals with disabilities tend to bring something special to the workforce. They will typically share their insight and experiences with other employees.

In addition, their general attitude will help lift the spirit and morale of a company and over time increase the speed of work and efficiency that is produced.

Are you looking to create a diverse place of employment? The government may be able to help you reach that goal.

In order for businesses to hire more people with disabilities, the Australian Government has a number of incentive programs to make it easier.

The Employee Assistance Fund helps businesses with a number of incentives to make the business safer and more accessible to individuals with disabilities, through the addition of larger doors, ramps, and bigger monitors. If you have been holding off on hiring individuals with disabilities, now is the time to act. Use the incentives that are being offered to help make your business accessible and see what these individuals are able to bring to the table.