7 Top Ways To Make The Most Out Of A Conference

Before Going To The Conference

1 – Gain Visibility

One of the best ways to get the most from your conference is to participate in it, such as being a committee volunteer or a presenter. Check out if any of those or other ways to participate is an option. Have a look at the initial posting to see if any info about this is available.

Another way to find out if you can participate is by emailing the organizer of the conference – th e compnay responsible for the corporate conference production. The goal here is to gain visibility at the conference. You want to take on a visible role at the conference because it’s one of the best ways to standout of the crowd.

2 – Build Upon Relationships

Conferences give you the chance to connect with new people. However, they also provide you the chance with building stronger relationships with people you already have a connection with. If you know a few people you want to reconnect with, then reach out to them in the weeks leading up to the conference. Tell them you’d like to meet with them for a meal or a coffee while you’re at the conference.

When You’re At The Conference

3 – Get A Briefing

Conferences can be overwhelming for newbies, so get a briefing while you’re at the conference. Know who is talking, when they are talking and what time the events are. Also, keep in mind that many other people who are new to attending conferences will be there, and you might have an opportunity to meet new people and form new relationships with like-minded people.

4 – Attend The Right Sessions

There are tons of sessions to choose from at most conferences. When your’e planning out your schedule, take a look at the entire conference’s schedule. Make a note of which events and sessions appeal to you the most. Make sure you attend different sessions on an array of topics and niches.

Don’t feel bad if you are not into a session you are attending. Feel free to leave the session to find another one to attend. Conferences are all about making the most of your time and getting the most from the experience

5 – Remember What You Learnt

There is a lot to take in while attending a conference. There are many speakers and sessions that take place during conferences, so you might not remember everything by the time you get home. Take notes while you’re there because this means it easier to remember key stuff you learnt.

Feel free to take notes via your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Here’s a tip, note down 3-4 key takeaways. When you get back to work, you’ll be able to refer back to your notes.

6 – Linkup With The Speakers

The speakers at the conference are probably experts in your industry or field. Try to linkup with some of the speakers. Do this by asking them questions or stay around until all of the attendees have left before approaching the speakers to say hello.

When you speak to them, tell them you enjoyed their presentation. Don’t forget to get a few business cards from them. Also, you can always ask them questions via social media if you couldn’t speak to any of them in person

7 – Connect With others

Make the time to go to social events that are part of the conference. This is where you’ll be able to connect with others, but in a relaxed environment. Some people consider social events even more important than the conference’s sessions themselves. Once the event is over, you should hang around a bit longer because you could end up engaging in great conversation with someone.