A Brief On How Recruitment Agencies Work

Hunting for a new job is not a very easy path for many old and aspiring professionals…

Regardless of your career level and experience, there is no better incentive in your job search than having proper guidance. The best mentors to help you navigate forward are recruitment agencies.

If you do not know what a recruitment agency is, how it works and how it can help you get that job, here is the guide. Herein, we provide proven tips and resources to help you get started:

What Is A Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies work directly with potential employers to help them fill in vacant jobs by linking suitable candidates to the job openings.

Recruitment agencies are centred on consultancy, looking for new job openings, helping edit and improve resumes for candidates, and showing them how to prepare for interviews.

In principle, recruitment agencies increase the efficiency of the job-seeking process, helping future employees and employers find what they are looking for.

Next, we show you the various ways how recruitment agencies work.

To begin with, a company looking to hire new staff gets in touch with a recruitment agency to let them know of the open job post. Thereafter, the recruitment agency will respond by:

Begin a search from their existing database to get a suitable candidate who matches the required skill set.
Use online advertising platforms to reach out to the right candidates.

Upon settling for the required number of appropriate candidates, the agencies send out the candidate’s details to the relevant company for approval. Additionally, recruitment agencies set up interview sessions for candidates with the right skills.

How Can I Join And Work With A Recruitment Agency?

Many recruitment agencies will allow walk-in clients to visit their offices anytime and immediately sign up for work.
However, it is always best if you call, ask if there are any available opportunities in your industry, or request an appointment before physically going to work with a recruitment agency. Calling beforehand may save you a lot of hustle for a majority of recruitment agencies lack the traditional front shops.

More importantly, it is best if you could add your resume to an online database, to enable recruitment consultants to get in touch with you whenever a fitting role opens up. If you are in the Brighton area then see ‘recruitment agency Brighton‘.

How Can I Apply For A Job Via A recruitment Agency?

The recruitment agency you choose to work with functions as a middle-man between a candidate and the recruiting company; they forward your CV, and set up an interview for you.

If your application is successful, recruitment agencies help you prepare for an interview, providing helpful tips to get you forward. They also provide you with directions to the address and guide you on the best attire for the interview date.

The recruitment agency aims to prepare you and uplift your confidence levels higher, so you have all you need to fill the vacant job.

Why Should I Use A Recruitment Agency: The Benefits Of Using A Recruitment Agency?

There are plenty of advantages for candidates who choose to use a recruitment agency to nail a job.

To begin with, recruitment agencies have rich and long-standing relationships with most of the leading employers and will provide you with free access to their data resources. More graciously, they will lead you towards job opportunities you otherwise would not have heard of.

Using recruitment agencies has other benefits such as:

Advice on how to write compelling CVs and cover letters

Professional coaching to help candidates pass interviews

Candidates receive helpful feedback and detailed responses for each interview and employer

Provision of expert career-specific advice

Getting timely recommendations for upcoming vacant posts

What To Do If I Find A Role Advertised By A Recruitment Agency

It is usual for recruitment agencies to advertise many job vacancies on various online platforms.

Many people can easily apply for these posts, but one must also deliberately register with the agency for future correspondence. Also, please note it is normal for recruitment agencies to withhold the name of the recruiting company until the candidate reaches the interview stage.

What Is The Cost Of Using A Recruitment Agency?

It is unheard of to be charged for working with a recruitment agency.

The consultants get paid by the potential employers, receiving a work fee based on the candidate’s success to land the job. The individual candidate should not pay any money directly to the recruitment agency.