For a considerable period, security fencing has functioned well protecting perimeter walls for different types of facilities, buildings, and commercial centres. This is because the security fence not only serves as a physical barrier but as a psychological deterrence as well.

One place where security fencing is incredibly vital is prisons; to ensure all inmates stay inside and trespassers are not allowed to get inside. While the need for security fencing may seem obvious, many do not realize that specialist security fencing is the right idea and has backing from the Ministry of Justice.

Notable Features Of Specialist Security Fencing

Extra Difficult To Climb Over

It is easy to imagine all quality perimeter fencing is hard to scale; however, specialist prison fencing, due to its design, is more difficult to climb over than most top quality perimeter fences. Its mesh design is very closely spaced, making it almost impossible for anyone to get a hand or foothold on the fence. Without anywhere to hold onto, it is practically impossible to scale this fence. high-security fence

The fact that the fence is simply difficult to climb over has proven effective in restraining inmates and preventing unwarranted entry and exit of prison facilities. Also, by stopping intrusion, specialized fencing has reduced the smuggling of contrabands into prisons. To learn about high security fence see here.

Too Strong To Cut Through

When intruders are unable to climb over a fence, the next dirty idea up their sleeves is shearing their way through. However, the design of specialist prison fencing has taken this into account. This fence can withstand cutting using mostly hand tools; it would require continuous use of high-powered cutting tools to get through.

It is impossible to use heavy-duty power tools for an extended time, trying to get through specialist prison fencing because all the noise and effort needed would easily alert the security team. That way, the supposed escape is immediately thwarted.

Installed Through A Secure Process

The objective of the design and construction of specialized prison fencing is to provide reliable security services crucial for prison facilities. For example, the way the fence panels are installed matters; they are fitted on the secured side of the specially-designed posts to make them safer and secure and impossible for intruders to remove, even when using handtools.

However, the manufacturing process can be customized to suit clients’ needs without compromising the strength and efficiency of the fence. For instance, you can request the addition of steel cladding for extra protection, or make an order for a double-skinned specialized prison fence which makes it extra hard to cut through the fence.