The Services Provided By A Tree Surgeon

Removing Dead Branches

Weak or dead branches can affect the overall health of a tree. Hence, these branches should be pruned without delay. An experienced tree surgeon will examine the tree and know which branches should be removed and which ones can be left intact. He will climb tall trees to safely remove the branches that can affect the health of the tree.

Removing the weak and dead branches will help improve the health of the particular tree. If the tree is about to collapse due to the weight of these branches, removing them can prevent the tree from collapsing. Using sharp equipment like chainsaws from dizzy heights is extremely dangerous and needs to be done only by an experienced tree surgeon who won’t take any risk with their safety. If you are in Southampton and in need of a tree surgeon then see Southampton tree surgeon.

Safety First

An experienced tree surgeon will be physically fit and use the correct safety gear to climb trees. In fact, he won’t climb any tree without a helmet and safety harness. Busy tree surgeons should climb tall trees on a regular basis and should have the strength to do so without harming themselves or their partners.

Removing A Tree

A good tree surgeon will do everything possible to save a tree. But in case the tree poses a safety concern to the homeowners or general public, the surgeon will have no other choice than to cut down the tree. If a large tree is posing a safety concern, removing such a tree can be a dangerous process and the removal will involve several stages.

The surgeon will position himself at the top of the particular tree and take off the branches at the top. He will work his way down the trunk until all the branches have been removed. There is a team involved in removing a large tree with workers on the ground under the tree making sure the public is safe. Some of them will shred the branches to keep the ground clearance as the work is completed. Once the branches at the top are removed, the surgeon will safely come down the tree cutting the trunk above as he comes down. This will leave only the stump which needs to be removed later on.

Vegetation Clearance Process

Vegetation site clearance is the final step after removing a large tree. It is usually done where a site needs to be prepared for larger developments or land management projects. This process helps leave the particular site completely clear of trees and vegetation.

Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be quite difficult to remove at times. But tree surgeons have highly specialised tools to grind down a stump and remove it completely.

Planting New Trees

Tree surgeons do not only prune or cut down trees. They will help you plant new trees and take care of the growth in the early stages of the tree. Tree surgeons are experts in all types of tree planting methods. The tree surgeon will put the plants into the ground properly and help them thrive. Planting a tree is not an easy thing and may involve the use of supports, cables, and heavy machinery to make sure the tree goes into the ground properly.